Does this store carry liquid gold shampoo? No?

OK, this is an old-school topic from my spendthrifty days of scrutinizing anything but the cheapest options, and this is for the ladies. Back in college, I had fun taking my $80 campus job paychecks to CVS and trying out fancy shampoos and creams and things. But then I entered the real world and had to make $80 stretch quite a bit farther than that.

I think for women it’s easy to justify spending top dollar on health and beauty products because we feel they will contribute to the overall well-being of our bodies. But when you have less than $100 after bills to get you through the whole month as I once did, a $24 bottle of hair conditioner is simply not an option. Letting your optimized beauty wait is a good incentive to pay off debts or meet your savings goals faster. I hear the following other things are also good for your skin*:

  • drinking water (free)
  • getting fresh air (free)
  • stopping to unwind for a minute and realize everything will be ok (free)
  • feeling happy from watching your dog be adorable (free with pre-existing dog)

All of which I have been employing throughout my personal finance journey.  I learned that I could get my beauty benefits from not wrinkling or losing sleep at night thinking about the possibility that I am making non-optimal choices with my money.  Do you have cheap and cheerful beauty tips?  Or do you splurge in this area?

*According to magazines and the Internet.  I am not a doctor and this does not constitute medical advice!

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