Welcome to Yay Goodies, because “spiceoflife.wordpress.com” was taken.

Hi there. Back when I was 23 and recently out of college, I was working two jobs and just trying to pay my bills and student loans. But I was pretty pleased with the clever ways I was finding to save money. My friends and I joked about making a blog for others in the young, fabulous, and broke demographic (thank you Suze Orman). But we were all too exhausted with our multiple jobs to get to the task. I promised myself that future me with more spare time would figure out how to make a website and blog about saving money cleverly. As it usually does, the procrastination paid off, and now you don’t need to know how to make a website! You just need to justify the absurdity of the URL that was available and start blabbing.

So what does “yay goodies” mean to me, and what might it mean to you? Well for a start, some things have changed over the years for me. I am not as narrowly preoccupied with hard-nosed penny pinching.  But I am still interested in smart saving, finding beauty in your life, and making sure to have a laugh about it. It’s like the idea of “found money,” though not all the good things you find in your life can always be money. But they can all be goodies!

What I think is important to remember is that your life has good things to offer everyday. If it is not obvious, maybe it is because you have not found, created, or unearthed it yet.

Remember the Super Mario video game and all the awesome question mark coins in the walls?  Of course you do.

There’s nothing better than finding random awesome things otherwise embedded in the clutter around you. Thank you Nintendo, for forming my motivational life views.

So I’m just keeping a promise to slightly younger me. Sharing the secrets of all the goodies I find in my life that sometimes save money, sometimes make me happy, and sometimes merge the two and accomplish what I think of as the good life. Happy reading, and I will gladly accept guest posts about your life goodies.


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