The Devil’s Workshop

It’s spring now and my idle hands are starting to feel itchy.  Saving money is great and feels ethical and streamlined.  But it is selfish in a way because it is still all about me.  I feel like doing more. Without spending money, obviously.

I like community service, and have done plenty over the years: teaching English in China, Special Olympics coaching, Veteran’s Day at the Veteran’s Hospital. But most of that was when I was in school. I need some larger volunteer work soon to fill the natural gap left from not thinking about costly diversions. This is a good thing!

I have thought about Big Brother Big Sister. Signed up with the major cancer organizations (though rarely get called probably because I am in the deep suburbs). But I’m being a big wussypants at the same by making excuses about time commitments and possibly moving to a different office at work. Or, I think, maybe 2013 is the year to get more serious at work by writing academic papers on my spare time to advance my career.

I live within a reasonable distance of Boston, so in light of the shocking Boston Marathon explosions today, I will start by trying to find a blood donation opportunity. But will also need to think about the longer term for some fulfilling volunteer work.

What have you done when your hands feel idle? I don’t want to party or indulge in distractions. And I don’t want a second job (which I think is counterproductive in many ways). I want to find another hobby that helps people and gives me more purpose even though I am already pretty busy with work. Suggestions?

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