With a little help from my friends…

Just as soon as I’d received a third guest post from Rob, I got a guest post from yet another friend (coming soon)!  Gotta say…I am feeling the love!

I joke that I like guest posts because they confirm that I have friends and therefore make me look cool.  But in all seriousness, these collaborations show me that my friends enjoy my project here, feel the same way to some extent, and are willing to share their ideas and stories to improve the whole effort.  All good in my book.

To discover alignment with your friends over an important yet private topic like personal finance is pretty cool.  I started this blog because I wanted to “share” my thoughts and struggles in a passive way that would reach other enthusiastic bloggers and would not exhaust my existing friends via Facebook updates.  Before this I spoke only with closest friends about finances.  Even then it would be about how I found a cheap apartment to move into or could only afford burritos… again.  “Everyday” stuff.

Obviously it is old advice not to go around telling people how much money you make, or to ask your friends personal questions about their finances.  These behaviors will just make people avoid you.  Other people’s money is none of your business, and no one wants to hear about yours either.

But this blog has elevated personal finance to the level of hobby for me.  No matter what day or time it is, I feel like talking money.  And I sense people realizing that.  Friends comment to me about recent entries, or come to me occasionally with finance thoughts or questions they probably wouldn’t have before.  So it’s topical, not like lunging into a weird TMI-fueled conversation.  And I think peeps know I’m no expert, I’m just someone willing to talk.  Which is all people need sometimes – but so rare with this topic.  It’s like a secret handshake.

So I didn’t really care, but I was kind of alone before with my personal finance thoughts.  Now I am letting my PF freak flag fly, and have a little more company as a result.  Do you feel like you can discuss personal finance with your close friends and loved ones?  Or do you even care to?


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