Back in college a friend and I used to pronounce the word “plan” as if it rhymes with flan.  And we would laugh and laugh I guess because we sounded German.  It was super fun making plahns, especially if they required mad scientist hand gestures.  Ah college.

Anyway as my debt-free date approaches, I find myself making many plahns for my future dollars.  Just thought I would share it since I was going to sit down and make a list anyway.

  1. Debt-free: March 2014
  2. Roth IRA fully funded for 2014: May 2014
  3. 8-month emergency fund saved: December 2014
  4. $5000 investment seed money saved: February 2015
  5. More investments.  Not worried about this date yet.

Big plahns!  And as much as I would like to will these dates to come along faster, I think they’re static for now.  Maybe tax returns and work bonus will speed things along a little, but I don’t count on these things.  My savings tendencies are pretty streamlined, but those can always use tweaking.  Finally, some lively discussion over on 1500days about side hustles got me thinking, but I’ll have to keep thinking on that.  Already got too many other things going on.

Do you have big or little plahns, and/or do you have any side hustles to help accomplish them?  Would you have other steps or in another order than what I laid out?


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