The Work Hangover.

Well, I got nothing tonight.  I’m wiped out from the past two weeks of work, and the big project will still be going on at least this week too.  I’m regrouping and taking stock, which is all you can muster sometimes when you’re tired.

Got to the grocery store and stocked up on my usual stuff so I can’t get lazy this week.  That’s step one.  Provisions.  Then I have to make time each day to prepare and eat the groceries, and make additional time to work out, no matter how busy I get.  Last week I ate on the go and then didn’t bother exercising because the diet was all a mess already.  Sad how quickly the momentum changes direction.

At the core of those plans is getting a grip on the schedule itself.  Last two weeks I was clueless on my project, and felt obligated to hang around at work for as long as people were willing to help me (which, fortunately for me, was quite a bit until quite late most days).  Now I need to take what I have learned and force a plateau, even if it seems ill-advised and is only temporary.  Because I will seriously lose my mind otherwise.

What do you do to re-set when crazy work times stomp on your financial and health routines?

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