Braggy Bits

Today I updated my monthly student loans accounting sheet, and realized it is August 2013.  So I flipped back to August 2012, because for months now I have been noting that “I’ve paid off X loans since August 2012,” which is when I really kicked into loan-payoff high gear.

Sure enough: my student loans today sit at $25,002 and one year ago they were $64,469.  That’s right, $39,467 paid off in 12 months!  Boom.  Not only that: I paid off the remaining $11,500 balance on my car loan in November with my emergency fund.  $50,967 total loans paid down in a year baby!!!  Millionaires are made $10 at a time, and the debt-free get there one paycheck at a time I guess.

Do you have any financial anniversaries or accomplishments to celebrate, or goals you’re excited about?  I’m all for a virtual happy dance even if (especially if?) it makes me look like a nut in my swivel chair at work.

4 thoughts on “Braggy Bits

  1. woooo that is awesome!!! you should definitely be celebrating paying off $50k in one year! i celebrate every time I see my net worth climb. it’s addicting watching money grow (or watching a debt shrink!)

    • No kidding! The only thing missing from Mint is a Net Worth-Over-Time graph, to totally indulge the addiction. Bank of America has this, but I just noticed and did not have the BoA dashboard set up. I could be like and set my own up though.

      • Mint does have a Net Worth Over Time graph though! Click Trends > Net Worth > Over Time and then choose your time span 🙂

      • Amanda that is awesome!!!

        I thought I had found all of Mint’s nooks and crannies. Thanks for showing me.

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