Where do you get the money books?

My growing fascination has been with reading money books to prepare for my money days.  I feel like I am expecting a bouncing baby Positive Net Worth in March, and I need to read up on “what to expect when you’re expecting cash flow.”

First I read books broadly about “how to think rich” like The Millionaire Next Door and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  They were also available at the nearest library or lying around the house.

Now I need to get down to the brass tacks of investments, tax, accounting, and real estate.  What to literally do with my money when it arrives.  I like starting with academic foundations when on a big time learning quest.  So I searched last night for Economics Explained, which (like all other books) Mr. Money Mustache recommends renting from the library.  I realized that some of these more technical books may not be as readily available.

Well, my local little town library doesn’t have this book.  Humph.  Checked the next town over (a little larger), and the town where I work (fancy and wealthy).  Neither town libraries carry this “touchstone” economic literature.  Damn.  I checked Amazon, which has the book for the fair price of $0.01, but the price comes to $4.00 with shipping.  Maddening!!  I do believe there are better things to do with even four dollars when you are trying to learn about how to manage money you don’t have yet.

At that point I got radical and remembered that I still live somewhat near the business school that administered my technical graduate degree at Bentley University.  I surfed over and found that, by golly, a business school has a book about economics!!!  This restored my sanity a bit.

So I’m considering driving the 15 miles over to my Alma Mater for this goal.  I guess I will start by getting an Alumni card (after finding the Alumni center), which hopefully I will be able to accomplish with just my Driver’s license.  I think I already had a card but they’ll have to excuse that.  Then I will find my way over to the business library and get a library card if I need one separately, and snatch my prize.

It’s an absolutely beautiful day in New England, and I have this afternoon off due to all the extra hours I’ve been working on my big project.  So I guess it’ll be nice.

But does everyone have to go through this?  What’s the max you’re willing to pay for a book, and where do you get them usually?

2 thoughts on “Where do you get the money books?

  1. Haha that’s dedication to get a book! Our library system is pretty big but for books they don’t have, we have the option to order from any other library system in the state (i think?). so usually at least one library in the state will have whatever you’re looking for. And I think that service only costs $1! Pretty sweet. Other than that, I’d probably give in and order from Amazon. I’m kinda lazy 🙂 Good luck!!

    • That is awesome! It sounds like a really good library system. My college library was in a consortium with 5 other colleges, but I don’t really live near there anymore. That must be how people are able to get all these books.

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