A little memory of home.

Hello again fellow PF buffs…

I just don’t have anything to write about lately.  I am zeroing in on paying off one of my loans this month, after the last 5 months of blasting away at it excessively.  But doing so takes singular determination.  Last month I spent 65% of my income on this loan, and this month I will need to dump about 60% in to get this thing over the finish line.

Waiting out the last month or two of a loan that is eating up the majority of your paycheck is an exercise of the Taoist principle of Wei Wu Wei – action through inaction.  I’m always paying off loans aggressively – have been for the past year.  And it usually gives me great energy to find new ways to save money, live simply (even if that means doing things manually), read news about student loans and debt, and blog all about it.  But the last month of a loan for me is a waiting game that consumes all energy.  At this point I accomplish the action through pointy, anticipatory inaction.

Back home in Miami the power used to go out pretty often, mostly from the Insane Lightning.  And the power would be out for a long time, many times up to 12 hours.  It was incredibly hot in a house in South Florida without a/c, and then eventually it would get dark during the wait.  My mom had the idea that the best way to handle the heat and the boredom at night was to light some candles and just lay down on the floor together in the family room and … relax.  We got pretty good at this exercise of patience and meditation over the years.  South Florida storm outages make New England blizzard season power repairs look downright organized and speedy.

And so I treat the loan paydown home stretch like the South Florida power outage.  The best way to close up the gap between now and that sweet zero balance without screwing something up is to sit quietly and wait for payday.  I focus all my energy on my money, telling it to stay right there in my bank account.

So for the next few weeks I will be turning up old and overly done topics, probably complain about the Congressional resolution on student loans and why people can’t treat college like a consumer product, and come up with some other nonsense.  You know, rummage through my draft posts like it’s a yard sale.  Unless there’s something better to be writing about….


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