Skeletons in the Closet: Scary Financial Stories

Happy Halloween…. prepare to be spooked with some of my creepiest tales of money mismanagement.  You will be … scared cents-less?

dr evil

#1: The Futon

Not just any futon.  I bought this sweet futon with real mattress coils for $200 for my first solo apartment when I was 26.  And it was for the “bonus” room, just to fill up the room.  This was in addition to the couch I bought that same month for the living room.  The difference is that the couch is still with me.  The futon and I parted ways only 2 years later – sold in a yard sale for $80 to consolidate things with Mr. Goodies before cohabitating.  Why, WHY did I sell it, and for such a loss?  Two residences later we have a basement with a smelly old futon where my awesome futon could have been.

#2: The Handbag

When I got my first (and current) fancy job 5 years ago, I decided to upgrade from the really horrendous bag I had been carrying since college and get something nice.  I picked out a beautiful (let’s face it.. stunning) grey leather Coach laptop bag with white piping and lavender lining.  $700.  I understood that it was lavish, but figured I would carry it every day and it would make me feel good.  Until the straps starting cutting into my flesh and I started developing chronic shoulder problems.  I retired the bag last year when my shoulder pain prevented me from being able to pull on an exercise bra.  Now I carry a backpack to work, occasionally on a bike.  I still like to look at the bag though – still beautiful.  For what it’s worth, the bag did help me through my “fake it till you make it” stage.  Now I make it all day long with nothing but a neon pink backpack baby!

#3  The Scooter

Well, I bought an amazing scooter and it got stolen a year later.  But man was it fun while it lasted.  $2400.  I rode it the 3 miles to work, a refreshing change from the steamy, packed T (subway for those of you not from Boston).  And the ride was slow and safe because it is rush hour all the time in the Harvard Square area.  People honked at me and waved at me like I was their friend.  Then one day a child (and I know this because the police caught him) decided to try to hot rod my ride.  Too bad for him that I had taken the battery out to charge it.  Still, the wires were a mess when I got the scoot back from the pound, and I had to sell it to an electrician student for $400.  Easily the worst loss I have ever made, and I just hope the electrician got it working for his pleasure.

Hope you enjoyed my scary stories – there will probably not be a repeat of this next year because I learned from those experiences and do not spend at all like that anymore.  I think back on things like these and am horrified at the money ultimately wasted.  But then I figure at least I learn from my experiences, and hey, they were fun along the way.


5 thoughts on “Skeletons in the Closet: Scary Financial Stories

  1. My horror story involves money spent lavishly in bars and restaurants. I’ve largely curbed this habit, but during college I was the worst. My bartending gig landed me a couple hundred in cash each week and I proceeded to dump it right back out each week. Not having any real bills or expenses kept me from every thinking about the money I was making in any constructive fashion. It flowed in, and it flowed right back out. It was good social capital, nothing buys friends like someone willing to buy a round, but even then I wasn’t making informed purchases. Most of the people I tried to wow with my largess aren’t in my life anymore, and if I had put that money in a CD, I could have a tidy sum at this point.

  2. Don’t even get me started on college Rob! Whereas I should’ve known better 5 years ago, I *couldn’t* have known better back in college. I remember this girl at my $100/month work study job showed up one day with a snazzy mp3 player (just before iPods) and I, blown away, asked if she’d gotten it as a gift. She said she bought it. I remarked that those things cost like $200 and we make “no money”… She said no, we make $100 each month and she saved it all for 2 months, easy.

    That was to buy a toy, not even to save, but I was not capable even of doing that. It struck me at the time as a mild lesson of what is possible, but it didn’t sink in properly…

  3. Ugh i don’t like these scary stories either. The one that comes to mind is the fact that I worked at a gym part time last year (making, like, minimum wage, but we got free membership while we worked!) and then when I quit I thought I wanted to get a real membership so I forked over $40/mo and stopped going about 3 weeks after quitting. So I paid somewhere around $450 for a useless gym membership. That’s probably what I made by working there, haha. Not my smartest moment.

    • Yeah I question the value of the gym… I didn’t have one for ages. I have one now for $30/month, and go about 10 days/month. I thought about getting certified to teach pilates, figuring if I even made what I currently pay to basically take the same classes, that would be an awesome $60/month swing.

      Then I discovered what it would cost to get certified. That will be in a future post…

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