Sweat Equity: The Barrel


Today I give you: the kitchen trash barrel.  I guess this particular piece does not seem much like a barrel, but I was taken with New England lingo such as barrel, bubbler, etc. when I first moved up here.  So this item is our barrel.

It was based on this plan, another one of Ana White’s creations.  Except we added a little drawer to the top which holds trash-related odds and ends.


This project originated from the domestic disagreement over what type of new trash can to buy, as well as united disgust with the average price of commercial trash cans (about $50 for nice ones).  This one was about $60 all in and about 20 hours of labor, but worth it I think.  My emphasis is on hiding and disguising the trash.  The further plan is to paint the existing cabinets white so this will blend right in as part of our cabinetry.

This barrel was designed to be part of a set of bookend shelving that would support a custom countertop in a wall-mounted table top setup.  (See the blank space here?)


The original idea was for another cabinet (for holding the 50-lb bags of dog food) to be placed at the other end under the light switch, with countertop running along the wall between the two.  However, additional calculations are proving that the depth of the counter might create diminishing space between the two cabinets. 

Originally I pictured enough room to put two cafe height chairs under the counter on the right side for seating, and the left side would be for storage of things like cookbooks and knick-knacks.  But the dimensions might not work out.  We will have to see.  For now, we still have a totally ace, functional, homemade barrel.


One thought on “Sweat Equity: The Barrel

  1. Holy cow that is so cool! I can’t believe you guys can build all this stuff. That looks like something that would cost at least $100 at a normal store. Bravo!

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