What Black Friday is good for.


Not this!

But I do highly recommend Googling “Black Friday” and switch over to images.  That’ll give you a solid 30 seconds of laughs.  What is up with humanity?

Instead of doing a predictable railing about how BF is a scourge on humanity, and how desperate are people to buys fancy toys for their children, I thought I would share what this freakish commerce-holiday is good for: stocking up on work clothes and winter jackets at a reasonable price.

It’s funny.  As I found myself wandering around Macy’s last night, I remembered that I always like to buy myself clothes right in the middle of holiday shopping season, when I should be thinking of others.  Other years this thought made me feel guilty.  But last night I realized that the insanity known as any mall from BF through 12/24 creates the perfect shopping experience for someone like me: a person who lives in a remote little town, who thinks that all things should cost about 40% less than they usually do.

You should note that first part.  We don’t really get BF where I live because I think you could fit every single person in our town into a building like the one shown above, comfortably.  So that takes the edge off.  The Macy’s near me is still huge because they try to sell the same amount of stuff everywhere – we just don’t need as much of it in Farm Town!

So last night I casually strolled around a very sparsely occupied mall, waltzing from store to store with huge “40% off EVERYTHING!!!” signs in the windows, laughing my laugh of consumer success: bah-hah-hah-hehe-teehee-heeheee!!  Finally, everything costs about what I am willing to pay for it!

So from now on I will confidently turn BF on its side.  I will continue to purchase holiday gifts (which generally do not need to be tried on or tested) on a laptop on my couch, wearing fuzzy slippers.  But I will maximize BF season, which turns my mall into an outlet mall basically, for smart work outfit shopping.

It’s ok to think of yourself during the holidays.  I’m pretty sure other people are doing it too – who is buying a 55″ LCD TV as a gift?

Image from http://www.foxbusiness.com

2 thoughts on “What Black Friday is good for.

  1. Smart! I can’t stand malls between thanksgiving and Christmas, but you’re right… it might be worth it to stock up on super cheap stuff!

    Hope you had a good thanksgiving!! 🙂

    • Hope you had a good one too!

      Yeah it only works in remote places with empty malls, and I stay well away from any sort of child/toy areas and stores.

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