Sweat Equity: “new” white cabinets


Inspired by Debt Ninja’s success in this area, we pulled the trigger on a cabinets-painting job last weekend.

After the custom tile flooring and the new coat of paint on the wall, updating the cabinets seemed like the obvious next step.  In true form I forgot to take a proper “before” shot, but the old “au naturale” cabinet look is here, midway into taking the doors off:


And here is the job a little farther along, on a surprisingly similar weather day:


Already looking better.  It really brightens the room up.  Thus, my new philosophy on the “white” interior design movement: white looks cleaner, cleaner looks newer, and newer looks better…  That must be the appeal.

Those cabinets were amazingly dirty before.  Greasy, fading, scratched.  You could even see where the veneered particle board pieces met the real wood pieces due to uneven sun bleaching:


So the prep involved copious amounts of washing with non-sudsing Comet spray; rinsing; scuff sanding; and wiping down.  Despite all those steps, the painted cabinets are chipping a little.  But that’s what White Out is for 🙂  If anyone has any paint prep advice to beat this issue I would love to hear it.  We did three coats, very thin, to prevent clumping.

So with the three coats of paint, we didn’t even use the whole $32 can.  So I would call this a $20 DIY.  Not too shabby.

P.S. How blah does the laminate countertop look now?  It is crying for replacement.  Any color suggestions for the potential granite/quartz/cement replacement material given the new color scheme?

6 thoughts on “Sweat Equity: “new” white cabinets

  1. That looks amazeballs!! I love white kitchens. I would do this in a heartbeat in mine (except for that pesky “it’s a rental” problem). Are you keeping the hardware (traditional) or changing that out to something more modern too? The cabinets look seriously great. I would love to do a countertop color consultation either in person, or if you send me larger photos :D.

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