Frugal Hosting

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My lifelong friend came to town for the weekend, and I did my first decidedly frugal hosting.  Hey it’s not like it was the theme or I was advertising it as such… I just figured we could keep it low-key.

Years back when I lived in the city and someone came to town, the weekend would be filled with restaurants, brunch, sights, and diversions.  I just assumed people wanted me to put together a huge agenda of cool things to do.  And then after I would feel crummy from spending a bunch of money.

Fortunately for me this time around, my friend is from New York and was looking for the opposite of the big city.  Good thing we’re full up with that!  The weather’s not good enough yet to do really fun stuff, but we played with chickens, went running, and ate homemade pizza.  One of the days we mixed it up and went for fancy drinks and dinner.

I’m glad that my friend seemed to have a good time.  She reminded me that friends want to spend time with you, not go on a guided tour.  And I was happy not to turn the weekend into a huge spend-fest for myself.  A win-win!

One thought on “Frugal Hosting

  1. Awesome! I tried this with our friends who came to visit in December. I felt so much better making dinner and breakfast for everyone (and only going out to eat once) than I would have if we ate at restaurants every meal!

    You’re so right- friends just want to spend time with you 🙂

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