Internet Provider “Orbitz”: Million-dollar idea or what?

Oh I forget, we’re in the 21st century now.. we should be shooting for billion-dollar ideas 🙂

OK so… our Verizon Fios 2-year contract is up this month.  Game time baby.  We got rid of the cable and DVR, so we’re down to this pesky $80/month internet service.  Verizon is telling me this will go up to $95/month if I don’t sign another contract.

I want another contract like I want to go lease a car… what do they think I am, crazy?

Hell no, I suffered these fools long enough and now I have a chance to get free.  But there are two major problems:

  1. I am pretty ignorant about other internet service providers (if any) that may or may not serve my area
  2. I assume that all service providers are terrible via the following dichotomy: cheap but with crummy service with worse technical support, or overpriced and still occasional crumminess (these have been my two types of experiences)

It would be amazing to see an Orbitz-style grid of which providers serve my area, with the cheapest advertised plans they offer, and whether they lock you into a contract.  What I have ahead of me is an old-school research effort looking up services, checking prices, determining service coverage, and trying to find reviews.  How 2004.

Do you have any advice on cheap internet providers?  I actually considered just adding the service to my cell phone to make it a wireless beacon, but that would require me (or let’s face it, just my phone) to be home all the time.  But I believe even that service is $50-60/month.

I’ve tried to figure out the nature of my beef with the telecommunications industry, and what would make me feel like the problem is “solved.”  I think $80-95/month is too much to pay for internet.  It just seems like a lot of money.  I guess if you can get a wireless beacon on a phone for $50/month, that’s how much I would settle for for home wireless.  So that is where the logical bar is set.

I realize that internet is crucial – even all the frugal blogs I read would cancel everything out of life to save money, but would still keep internet.  So there is inherent value and demand.  But it is so prolific that it seems like competition should have been able to settle in and turn it into a commodity by now.  Or what Republic Wireless has done for cell phones, someone should have been able to do for wireless by now.  THAT is the billion-dollar idea.  Too bad the Republic people are probably already on it.

Either way, I still think the Internet Provider Orbitz is another good business idea 🙂

Stay tuned for an Internet update, a.k.a How Ms. Goodies Kicked Verizon’s Tushie…

One thought on “Internet Provider “Orbitz”: Million-dollar idea or what?

  1. ha! That would be amazing. Luckily I’ve been moving around so often that I haven’t been stuck in one of those “we’re raising your prices since you’ve been a customer for a year” situations. I’d switch to another provider in the area and try to get their (hopefully cheaper) introductory price! Buuuut that still means you have to research other providers… boo! Good luck- hope you find something good! 🙂

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