I already saved $2 today… have you?

Good morning!  I bring you this post from work.  (Shush, don’t tell anyone!  Actually I have half the day off due to our flex work schedule.  So I will start the clock in a few minutes.)

Yes, I already saved $2 today, and it wasn’t from skipping the fancy latte, because I already do that anyway.  (If you must know, I drank homemade iced espresso which I brewed last night.)  No, I saved $2 today by biking to work.

It is August once again, which seems to be the time of year when I am most juiced up about biking.  This year, however, I went ahead and bought myself a pretty snazzy bike.  And I love it.  I fly on it, and feel infallible.  It is worth all $470.  It is amazing how the right equipment will take you from struggling and trying to maintain interest in something to dominating and feeling kinda legit.

So far I have only taken my new ride, which I have named She-Ra, on leisure rides.  And while weekend fun is priceless, I thought She-Ra and I could go on some healthful, cost-saving adventures.

Some time ago (when gas prices were probably similar to now – I have not seen them budge significantly in ages) I estimated that my car costs $0.15/mile in gas.  My driving commute to work is 6.5 miles, so it costs me $1.95 per day to drive to work.  Bam!  $2 saved.  

What about wear and tear though?  I am glad you asked.  Because summertime seems to be when every possible road is under construction.  So the bumps, combined with extra road-rage-induced traffic, result in unacceptable wear and tear in my opinion.  There are two logical driving paths to work: a) the winding, quiet neighborhood streets and b) the more direct thoroughfare full of lights and cars.  By default I always choose A.  But summer road work led to cops directing you while you wait and watch caterpillars moving earth around.  That is a bit too much for me.  So around July I switched to route B, which as it turns out is being resurfaced.  Read: exposed manhole covers and other protrusions waiting for you to drop your car all over them.  No thank you.

By comparison, there are actually delightful biking routes that are neither available to nor practical for cars.  Today I rode 3.5 miles down the bike bath, then cut through the neighborhoods, and arrived at work after 8 miles and 40 minutes riding.  300 calories burned rather than $2 of gas.

So with respect to offsetting the cost of the bike, I guess I would need to commute to work 234 more times in order for She-Ra to completely earn her way.  But I think the benefits of joy, fitness, mental health, and giving Subie a rest make up the difference 🙂

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