Making other people rich…


One of the advantages of creeping ever so mildly up the corporate ladder, as I have, is the ability to increase the wealth of others.  Or at least the opportunity to attempt to do so.

The leaves are changing and it is getting cooler in New England.  And it is rating/ranking/review season at my company.  Also the end of the fiscal year.  So it is a perfect time to apply for last minute achievement awards!

I am really amazed that after 5.5 short years at my company, I have gone from complete peon to a person who has earned achievement awards… to a technical lead who actually nominates teams of other people for such awards!  I tell you it feels awesome.

At the beginning of this year, I was placed in the most daunting role of all my time here: sent to a newly merged business unit to lead a small program for my functional division (new role), and to lead all related proposals for new business in this area (new role as of 2013).  This business unit did not even have support from my engineering division previously, and predictably did not want us around.  It has been an incredibly challenging time.  Right from the start I figured “well regardless of how it goes, everyone up the ladder must realize this is a totally ridiculous situation.”  I thought that I, as well as the people enlisted to work with and under me, were thrown in here as fodder.

But for all the good, bad, and ugly, 2014 blossomed into a decently good (or at least minimally bogus) year in this new area.  There were some confrontations.  There was some BO, I’m not going to lie.  But I also got surprising kudos here and there and took them back to the old headquarters.  Nearing the end of the year, I realize it’s gone well enough that it’s time for a party!  The corporate version of a party anyway.  Money.

So I put in for a team achievement award for the 6 folks who were technically assigned to work under me in various capacities.  These awards are not always selected and awarded, and I got mine in 2 days past the deadline.  But I am getting ready to pester the award people with all the perspiration with which I do everything else around here, to make sure it goes through.  If it works, not only is it a nice little financial reward in time for the many holidays coming up, but it is also a great accomplishment for everyone to add to their annual review paperwork – a great security in a time of economic uncertainty.  Finally, there is a residual benefit to me that the higher-ups can see that I am generous and value the others around me.  But the copious chicken eggs I bring to work already demonstrate that 🙂

I am totally jazzed that this might work, and further that I might be able to present these awards myself to each person.  This is gonna rule!


3 thoughts on “Making other people rich…

    • Thanks! I heard back that they are likely to award in January during the next round… slight bummer but still very cool.

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