Scary Stories

Happy Halloween!

Last year on this day I posted about my scariest money decisions of all time.  First time I had ever confessed to some of them.  That brought me up to present day, so today I thought I would share my scariest money stories of 2014.

Even a year full of financial wins such as paying off a metric ton of student loans and building a savings account can have some real hare-brained schemes in the mix.  Consider the following:

  1. The time I almost bought a house.  OK this one doesn’t really count because I didn’t really do it.  But it gave me the opportunity to act on a hunch that I have learned through my adult life: if a financial move makes you really scared, even if at first you were excited about it, don’t do it.  Something otherwise right for you might be wrong because of timing or inadequate planning.  Better to wait until all the stars are aligned.
  2. The business trip that cost me money.  Needless to say, if you have to pay at the end of an expensed business trip, you are doing it wrong.  I failed to notice a mistake on my expense report (and got all whinypants and blamed that on the stress of my job).  It just sat there until I received really angry, corporate-y emails and fixed it.  By that time the balance on the enormous travel bill had racked up $35 in late fees.  Ughhh.  Also really scary is the possibility that your management could be angry with you, which fortunately they were not in my case.
  3. When the chickens flew off.  Of course chickens are cute, and I would do whatever I can to help any animals under my care or even in my vicinity.  But when I bought two little white chickens this year and they flew off into the sunset the moment I opened the box, on some level I just thought “if I never see them again that’s like $20 down the toilet!!!”  As luck would have it, they hung around the general area and are now happily (or at least chicken-happy, which is to say adorably cranky) coop-bound egg-layers.  Lesson learned: open the box directly into the coop, not pointing at your face.
  4. Chiropractor madness.  Earlier this year my neck starting hurting real bad, and I blew great sums of money on various massages and pillows, culminating with about $360 worth of chiropractic visits across multiple offices.  In conclusion: a) neck feels better now b) all chiropractors are crazy people.

OK ok.  It’s been a pretty bland year.  I’m sure you won’t need to sleep with the lights on after those stories.  But it is crazy how even a person obsessed with personal finance can land some doozies and near-doozies just from occasional forgetfulness, poor judgement, and outright muppet-ocity.  (That is when insanity results from unleashing flocks of animals and you go running around in a dither with head back and arms forward.) 

Now time to go find myself a last-minute costume from stuff I already own 🙂

One thought on “Scary Stories

  1. HAHAHA the chickens flew off! That’s hilarious– and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know chickens could fly??I thought they could do a little hover type flying but not like, up in the sky!

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