Free money!



There’s nothing like reaching down into the couch cushion for the potato chip you just dropped, and finding a $20 instead.  Ah free money… so great.

I am pretty sure I keep track of my physical dollar dollar bills a little better than that.  But even Ms. Goodies can lose track of virtual dollars.  Time to go virtual couch-surfing…

It all got started because I was checking my bank balances.  Turns out I have almost 10K “points” on my Bank of America credit card.  Guess it is almost time to collect a check for that!  I have even heard that you don’t need to wait for tidy, round numbers.  I don’t need to wait for 10K, could just ask to be compensated for the 8,366 points right now.  Ka-ching, ka-ching!  $83.66 heading my way.

I also discovered that I have about 1800 points on JetBlue’s website, and $30 sitting in a bank account that I opened and never did anything with.  So I am planning to close the bank account and take back my virtual couch coins.  Once I settle these little bits of paperwork, I will be $113.66 richer.  That will have been worth about 15 minutes of work.  If only all income could be procured at the rate of $455/hour.  But we can’t all be lawyers and ballers!

Anyway, the BoA points and the JetBlue points leave my mind burning with the question of: what’s the best points credit card?  Clearly the BoA card is compelling enough to let me neglect it for several months at a time, so I suspect I could find more spicy and tangy free money somewhere else.  More on that to follow….

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