Get rich throwing things away.

“But you can’t throw away perfectly good stuff!” you might think.  Sure, you want to use up everything you have before buying a new one of whatever it is.  Even if it is a shampoo or face wash that you really hate.  And you want to use up all the food before it rots and you’re forced to chuck it.

But sometimes you look around your house, and in every corner you find piles of superfluous things that are expired or have no more use for you.  You find yourself asking questions like:

Why do we have 3 types of Febreeze when we only have one dog?

What is that meat in the ziplock bag in the freezer?*

If this sounds like you, you have clutter.  I think that clutter invites more clutter.  Having many types of things creates a hobbyist mentality.  You have a collection of things, and you could be tempted to improve on your collection with the latest and greatest.  Or, once a container is brimming, why not let it overflow?

Whereas if you address the clutter and get rid of the stuff that you don’t need, then you have defined what you really need.   And you are more likely to make careful choices when shopping, or might even be less likely to feel the instinct that you need more things.  Because why would you want to clutter up your now-tidy house with things that you don’t even need?

Some may feel that de-junking the trunk is essentially throwing $3 and $4 and $10 into a garbage bag.  But if it is something that you would absolutely never use, what’s the difference?  It’s a good reminder about what not to spend money on in the future.  Good riddance to junk.

Instead of “spring cleaning” I tend to get inspired to clean at odd times of the year, like Black Friday.  So I have been addressing my clutter.


Here is my medicine box, which had become a disaster zone.  It had become so overfilled that things were spilling out of it and taking up the whole cabinet.  Now there is actually room in it!  In the future I will actually go look in here since it is so organized, rather than assuming I need to buy more things from the store.  I have actually wound up with double allergy medicine and double band-aids in the past due to not checking.

I am pretty sure that adopting a “one of each thing I need only” mentality is one of the keys to wealth.  Most of the pretty well-off people I have known live pretty sparse lives.  So here’s to clean houses and full wallets.  Hope it stays that way!

*If you don’t remember stuffing the meat in the bag, just get rid of it!


3 thoughts on “Get rich throwing things away.

  1. Great idea, Ms. Goodies! I am doing the same thing in my house, drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, closet by closet and room by room and will continue until finished. And there are added benefits — I found a pearl earring in a drawer that I thought had been lost forever!

  2. So true. I love decluttering- especially with clothes and stuff, because I ‘find’ clothes that I’ve forgotten about and it’s like I’m getting new stuff all over again!

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