Making others rich: accomplished.


Stacks of cash!

So a couple months ago I tried to make some other people richer.  Because if there is extra money floating around, and your only options are a) give it to your most esteemed colleagues at the cost of just a few minutes’ paperwork or b) do nothing, what would you do?  Surprisingly, it worked out.

My company is quite full of brilliant and hard-working people, and I get to work with some of them.  So while the award money always gets snapped up for someone, this time I figured it could go to my comrades specifically.

It’s pretty crazy too because we’re in a general mode of belt-tightening at my company (as with many companies probably, still coming out of Recession mode).  But this goes to show that even in a slump, hard work can actually pay off with more than just a feeling of job security.  And here I’d thought I had found every trick for increasing wealth through my company.  But I was wrong!

Also what has hit home for me this year is that workplace pride and appreciation of your peers is unlimited, even when monetary incentives are limited.  You can informally give people kudos, and I have seen that it is that kind of feedback that often causes people to be promoted or put on a special assignment.  Not strictly performance or accomplishments.  But in the absence of kudos, I imagine management has only the results to go on when considering promotions.  And engineering results are like the old joke about sausage and legislation – you don’t always want to see how it is made.

So it is important to throw positive light on work and people who deserve it.  And hey, if you participate in an environment in which you give kudos to people, and people with kudos get promoted, then you are more likely to work for or with someone you really like down the road.  And then it is a better time for everyone in the working world and good folks will make more money!

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