Get Rich… Selling Your Stuff

Don’t ever get so old or soft that you forget to try Craigslist.


12/29, 11:11am


12/30, 10:32am

So Mr. Goodies and I bought new couches, which inherently is not wealth-making.  But that is a long story involving a certain pooch getting skunked and rubbing herself all over everything.  (We washed everything and it didn’t smell anymore, but we decided it’s time to move on.)

Anyway the new couches will arrive on 1/2, and we had to figure out what to do with these 14-year-old couches which belonged to the previous owners and at this point have suffered various pet damage including cat scratches and a dog butt dent.  Our first thought was to just give them away to charity, or haul them to the dump for a fee as a worst case scenario.  How does everyone else get rid of old, bulky furniture, we wondered?

This is because we’re just old enough that we forgot about Craigslist!  I don’t know about everyone else, but the combination of getting older and moving from the city to the suburbs has made me forget about CL.  So it was fortunate for us that the other two immediate options were not working out.


  1. Give away to charity: $0, but the soonest pickup date would be 1/14 and they may not accept upholstery with scratches which would leave us up the creek.
  2. Haul to dump: Cost of -$50, and we would need to borrow a buddy’s truck.  Worst option ever.
  3. Craigslist: Income of $20, and someone else hauls the furniture away in their truck!

We put up the couch set for $20 on CL because we could not see these being worth any real money, and just wanted to price them to move.  Within 24 hours a sturdy fellow with a tiny but technically feasible pickup truck arrived and gave us money to solve our problem.  Given that the most realistic alternative was the dump, we are counting this as net $70 income.

Looking back, we’re thinking we could have listed the set for $50 and round up our income to $100.  But the risk was not worth it.  I think this was a truly equitable negotiation, in which both parties solved their problems with minimal difficulty.  And the Goodies were reminded of the valuable lesson that you should never pay to do something that someone else is willing to pay you to do themselves!

3 thoughts on “Get Rich… Selling Your Stuff

    • Yeah, we were talking about having a full-out winter indoor yard sale on CL. Just throw everything on there and see what happens. I am amazed what people will buy…

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