Spring Cleaning, Winter-style

My dad flew all over the world during his career, and had a saying about long, international flights: you can read a book, get drunk, pass out, read another book, and there will still be 5 more hours left…

If you live anywhere in New England, you probably know why I have been thinking about this joke lately.  Winter is our international flight, and it is not over yet.  I’m pretty sure we’ve all played in the snow, shoveled the snow, cursed the snow, baked baked goods, shoveled more, worked from home, lumbered to work with half as many lanes and twice the time, and stared at more snow falling.  In total defeat.  Some of us even got to turn livestock into domesticated pets.  We’re stuck at home, so may as well make the best of things there.

chicken spa

P.S. Chickens were not meant to live with us.  Or anywhere near us.  The most luxurious garage condo just makes them long for the comforts of the coop.

And let’s face it: there’s no point doing any physical cleaning because we’ll be tracking in salt (not to mention other schmutz) for at least another couple of weeks.  So I figured it’s a good time to clean up the ol’ finances, which can also spruce up the home.  There’s always time to get drunk again later!

So I’ll be posting some ideas on:

  1. Cleaning up the 401K
  2. De-cluttering winter bills
  3. Not using misery as an excuse for sloppiness
  4. Planning a frugal, if temporary, escape

Is there anything else you’d want to hear about, between rounds of shoveling, IcyHot-ing your back, and playing cards?

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