How much would you pay to escape the tundra?

50 shades MA

By popular demand (one request), I will skip to the end of my proposed list of “Spring Cleaning, Winter-style” topics and go straight to cheap vacations out of the wasteland.  Because, you know, winter sucks at this point.

So I present you with the very best prices that the internet has to offer today, which are surprisingly really low.  So low it’s like that Flo Rida song.  (I even clicked on a supposed $28/night hotel deal on Groupon, but definitely do not recommend going there.)  Check out some legit items:

$300 for 4 nights in Cabo?  This is a crazy world we live in.  All you’d need to do is find good airfare.

I can honestly, but shamefully, say I have paid this much just in airfare to return home to the 305 for Thanksgiving.  I can tell you Fort Lauderdale is nice and much quieter than Miami if that is your thing.  I think this was the best overall Getaway deal on Jetblue, but there were a bunch of other deals to other destinations in FL, Jamaica, and the Dominican.  This batch of deals just started today.

Jetblue also decided to start a 2-day sale this morning, just as I went to publish this post.  It is all coming up Millhouse!  My pick from this list would be DC for $84.  Good luck with blackout dates!

Beyond Groupon imagery and internet bait-and-switches, I could provide the following classic frugal recommendations:

  • Drop in annoyingly on family and friends in warmer climes; claim weather asylum while you lounge all over the couch and eat their snacks.
  • Screw multi-day trips, ain’t nobody got time for that!  If you’re just sore and tired you could do a spa thing locally.  Get a questionable massage (“it moved!”), or go hang out in one of these salt caves.  Then drink lots of beer.  Because you just did a spa thing.
  • Go for places that aren’t so typically spring-breaky to avoid the squeeze.  Instead of islands and beaches, you could go bare your bits in Las Vegas or Texas.

One thing I will not tell you is to “embrace the beauty of snow!”  If you like to ski/snowboard, fine.  If you are over it and wonder what it would be like to walk around barefoot or take off your hat, I don’t blame you.

Overall this winter has taught me that 2/24 is not the time to start planning.  Possibly the better way is to plan these “tundra escape” trips back in October, and hope to hell that you do not get snowed out and spend your vacation days sitting on the floor in Logan airport.   I am headed to Texas next month, but it is to get in some early season cycling.  Presumably the winter wasteland insanity will have worn off by then.

What is your wasteland escape plan?  And how much would you pay to accomplish this?  I am looking at about $600 for my Austin trip, which is roughly the sum to which I have grown accustomed any time you have to get on a plane.  But this is an area in which I bet other people are much more clever…

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