What do you do once you have paid your debt and saved up?

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I’ll tell you what I did… I bought a Camaro!!!

After three long years of paying off $83,000 of student and car loans, and another year of saving approximately a year’s worth of living costs, I decided to buy the car of my dreams.


Of course it is manual (would I drive anything else?).  And it is pre-2014, because let’s face it: the new 2014 Camaro headlights look like a cheap throwback to the 1993 Camaro style.

And my Subaru turned 5 this year.  That’s practically old age for a car.  So with bittersweet feelings I traded her in while she still has good trade-in value.  Surprisingly, I got $6,000 for her, which offset the price of the Camaro down to $21K.  That’s actually a pretty good deal for a Camaro!

I know this nevertheless sounds like unbridled luxuriousness.  But I have been saving money for a year now, sitting on it, because there is no other good place to put it.  Stock market is too high, real estate market is too tight.  So for once, I am turning my car fantasy into a reality.  At least I will be driving around having a blast until the stock market takes a dump and I am ready to put money in there.

So what should I name the Camaro?

2 thoughts on “What do you do once you have paid your debt and saved up?

    • Haha I am glad you got it! I didn’t bother to do an AFD post last year. I was trying to decide between this and tax tips… but I do not have anything to offer on tax prep.

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