Obviously I did not buy a Camaro.

I know all you peeps are far too clever to have fallen for that April Fools’ prank.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m painfully truthful and cannot even bring myself to lie much.

So I will tell you this!

  1. Camaro *is* my dream car.  I will probably buy one some day.  After I make my first million.  Come on, it’s not like it’s a Porsche or Tesla.
  2. I *would* only buy manual cars, as is mine now.  Because stick shift is still a sign of coolness in my book.
  3. I *do* think the new Camaro headlight design is weak.  It’s like Chevy is trying to make the Malibu cool and get the Camaro stuffed into its own locker at school.  Priorities all mixed up.
  4. I would *never* call my Subie ‘old’ and was pained to even joke about that.  She’s a sinuous polo pony of a car, right in the prime of her age.  And always will be.

Happy Thursday!  Or ‘fake Friday’ for those of us on the 9/80 work schedule!

One thought on “Obviously I did not buy a Camaro.

  1. I just saw all of this now! Too Funny!

    I still my my beautiful, little red 1965 Triumph Spitfire with a ‘ragtop’ — if I recall correctly, it had two gas caps on the back of it! Classy little car for sure, great in the winter and loads of fun in the summer!

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