First, Try Selling: Spring Edition


Today I bring you a spring edition of First, Try Selling: the crappy bike.  It’s really bad.  The front tube is busted.  And it came from Walmart in the first place.

Or at least a Google search says it came from Walmart.  I bought this bike from someone through Craigslist about 5 years ago.  This was back when I didn’t know much about personal finance or bikes for that matter.  I just wanted to ride a bike and figured $20 was all I had to spare.

Since then I have learned that you just need to spend good money on a bike to get something out of the experience.  And you need to try to sell off or get rid of whatever you wasted money on before that.  You don’t need reminders of your pound-foolish days.

So up this bike went on Craigslist on Monday for $10, with an honest account of all its flaws.  And someone has already replied!

Now, unlike the couches, the relative cost of unloading this bike is not so bad.  If no one wants to buy this by Saturday, I would just need to throw it on the bike rack and leave it at the swap shed at the dump.  I think they would let me leave it there.  So that would be free, with the only cost of my trouble for 20 minutes on a weekend.

Or, I could probably leave this bike on the sidewalk near my house and it surely would be gone within the day.  (Funny side story: I live in a pretty cute little town, but noticed one day that neighbors needed to stake a sign in front of their house that the Persian rug they were airing out on their driveway was not free for the taking… hmm.)  I would not want to confuse people into thinking that they can cruise by my place for free stuff all the time.  So I would be inclined to just go with the dump option.

But between the two options of a) schlepping to the dump or b) someone paying me $10 to take this item away, I would obviously choose b.  And then go drink some “free” beers with bike money!


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