Throwing oneself a debt-free party: fun or pompous?

My amazing younger friend recently freed herself totally from debt!  She brought out the big guns and accomplished this in just a few years on a nonprofit salary.  No excuses!

Being also fun, bubbly, and with a healthy appetite for celebration, my friend immediately considered the idea of a debt-free party.  (I may have influenced the idea with my own previous interest in a debt-free party for myself, which did not work out.)  I was all for this idea for my friend.  I think we need more excuses for parties in life!

Then I was disappointed to hear that she went off this idea because some friends thought it sounded “pompous.”

Without influencing the topic much more, I am curious what others think about this.  If we can celebrate other peoples’ engagements, job promotions, graduations, and even birthdays (which are totally arbitrary), how is debt freedom not worth celebrating?  On the other hand, is asking your friends to celebrate your financial accomplishment somehow injurious or insulting to them (especially if they are not there yet)?

So I wanted to put it up to a vote…


One thought on “Throwing oneself a debt-free party: fun or pompous?

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