The people have spoken: YES PARTY!!

So I asked whether it is pompous to throw yourself a debt-free party.

According to 13 of the 15 people who voted, the answer is no way, definitely party!!!

One bah-humbug voted “pompous,” and one other person voted “other,” which I assume is some cheeky person’s way of pointing out that I left a pointless default vote option in there.  And I have a couple of choice people in mind that this could be.

Anyway, it was interesting for me to see how many people would be into the party idea!  I was glad to see, especially for my friend, that people would be happy to support your financial accomplishment.  I had a feeling that people are essentially very cool.  This is a much better state of things than if I had to eat my hat and accept a sad reality that we are surrounded by bah-humbugs and that bah-humbugism is the de facto norm.

But if that were the case, what would be the point of doing anything difficult?  Why did champagne even get invented?  Hmm??

2 thoughts on “The people have spoken: YES PARTY!!

  1. Champagne was more of l discovery than an invention, I think! The early winemakers were utterly horrified to see the bubbles in the champagne and a Benedictine monk by the name of Dom Perignon did his best to exorcise this nectar of its bubbles! Happy to see he failed, and that as just desserts, one of the finest champagnes carries his name!

    So, let the humbugs bobble about with their fellow round-shouldered mushrooms in a briny vat of vinegar and let the rest of us celebrate life and things that give us joy with plenty of champagne!

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