I gave a Money Talk at the library today!

Thanks to Hudson Public Library and the folks who came by to listen to my first (or more likely only) public speaking engagement! I think we all had a good time, but I am not sure the market is there.

Anyway for those who attended, please feel free to drop me a comment if there were any topics you were particularly interested in.

People had a lot of questions and comments about:

  • Cheaper cell phones (though I made my case that the plan is where they get you)
  • Cheaper internet – good luck to us all! I have no leads on that topic except to brow-beat Verizon salesmen on the phone to offer a lower price
  • Supermarket variations in price/quality/variety
    • One gentleman suggested to avoid supermarkets on the first day of the month, as markets push out old produce and jack up the prices timed to coincide with people getting paychecks and government benefits
    • Crazy! If this is true, that is nuts – I will be checking for that

Obviously I learned a lot too and I would call it a success. I will post up the slides tomorrow.

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