New Blog Name Blues

I have been wanting to start a new blog. Also about personal finance, but taking it more seriously than the joke name I pulled out of WordPress after giving up the domain name struggle in 2013. A more professional site, which might even advertise debt coaching services.

But I couldn’t think of a good name that is really me. As well as really available on GoDaddy.

The closest I have come up with is:

Which is a bit too close to the existing

Which is run by a person demographically like me. Could lead to confusion.

For now I guess I will keep blogging here for fun, and might build a new website (using this domain name or otherwise) to fulfill my 2018 goal to refresh on HTML and teach myself JavaScript. At least then either way I will have a new website.

Any suggestions on blog names for a site about saving money the old-fashioned way, by finding new ways to tackle “received wisdom”?

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