Hi, I’m an engineer.  I used to have a lot of debt ($83,000).  I graduated from college in 2005 with about about $32,000 in student loans.  I went to grad school in 2007 to improve my circumstances (and added $40K in student loans in the process).  Then I added a $17,000 car loan to that in 2010, which brought me to my all time debt high of $83K.

But in June of 2011 I got serious about eliminating debt.  I paid off my highest interest rate loan of $6K in October of that year, just four months later.  Then I started this blog in March 2013, and paid my final debt in November of 2014.  Up to 15 years ahead of the repayment schedule.  Now I have positive net worth and am getting into investment.

It is totally doable!  And I take my proverbial hat off to everyone who has already eliminated debt from their lives, or better yet, avoided debt altogether.

I am fascinated by all topics that surround this modern problem:

  • Why do we get into debt just for the privilege of entering the working world? 
  • Is the ROI of college all that great these days? 
  • Why are children left to make grown-up financial decisions about college when they do not understand debt, budgeting, or cost of living? 
  • How can you most effectively get out of debt, and what should you do with your money once you are in the green? 
  • Is it possible to retire early, or pursue other goals like self-employment?

So I just poke around on this blog if for no other reason than to refine my thoughts and goals for my life, and maybe get some others to think about financial things as well.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “About

    • I find pessimism in the PF realm to be a peculiar thing. I assume that optimism is much better suited to saving money, making bold investments, and doing things like sweat equity. I was poor coming out of college, and I think I kept myself that way by thinking “I don’t make enough money, how could I save any, what’s the point..” Likewise, I think you have to be at least a little optimistic to embark on a novel home improvement like the many you have written about in your own home! You have to be able to say “I’m prepared. I watched a Youtube. If that guy can do it, so can I” to be able to even pick up a power tool. And that must be optimism!

      I would like to hear more about whether you think pessimism adds any value to the PF journey, or if you battle with it. I would hate to think everything is an uphill battle. Your adventures this year at least should prove otherwise.

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